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My insatiable curiosity for biology led me to pursue a career as a science writer. Fifteen years later, I’m still learning something new each day. From the molecular level details of how our cells function to cutting edge medical treatments and how policy shapes our health, our science, and our world. I was a data journalist before it was cool, taking data from different sources to understand and explain complex stories. Many of you may know me from the decade I spent writing for JAMA’s news section, but I’ve recently gone full-time freelance. Lately, I’m geeking out with new tools for communicating science—video, audio, and interactive graphics. I love the challenge of learning new technology and the freedom of finding the best medium to tell a story.

When I’m not working, I’m marveling at the natural world. I’m most at home in my little patch of prairie, on the lake, or in the woods. I’m trying to do my part to save a little bit of this paradise for the next generation. I’m also teaching my children to become good scientists and naturalists. Like most scientists, I started learning long before I cracked open my first textbook and my first teachers were my parents, who opened up new worlds and let me explore and find answers to my questions.

So, if you are looking for someone who can help you make complex science accessible or you just want to geek out with another biology nerd, I’m your woman.


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